Post 1: In both The Asphalt Jungle and Into the Labyrinth, two women are portrayed in sexy sequences with low cut tops and portrayed to be very flirtatious. While comparing these two forms of media, women are often seen as extremely iconic objects while comparing them to the men. While previously watching Double Indemnity, a woman was also seen to be flirtatious yet appealing to the main character. In this specific film, the woman makes the excuse that the man “leaves his hat” at her place in order for her to show up at her house. The opening of Into the Labyrinth, Christopher makes a point to say “Picture first, flickering before you, impeccably photographed in rich tones of black and white, a sleek young woman with long dark hair, a cream- colored dress, low-cut and sashed, and a large, flat white hat the conceals her.” (Christopher 1) While this specific scenario goes into great detail of this woman, it compares to the scene in The Asphalt Jungle where the woman is laying seductively across the coach and then proceeds to make a move portraying that she throws herself on the man. I find this interesting, that in both forms of media, women are seen as very sexual, and almost as if they pressure the man to fall for them. This has not changed over time and is still present in media today. Whether we mentally make note of it or not while watching films, women are often shot to be wearing revealing clothes that fancy a man. With times changing this form of feminism will gradually progress with time to be less noticeable throughout media.

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